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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Baby Kenzel on his first day

The photos appeared below is my second son named Makenzel Daniel, isn't he adorable? Well, I guess it is he is very cute and I really love to cuddle him everyday. Hope you enjoy viewing his photos. Kisses from my baby Kenzel. muwahahahah

                                           WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY KENZEL

Friday, July 5, 2013

I am welcoming my self everyone

Hi guys I am back so sorry for long years that I am not updating my blogs and here I am now saying 'Mabuhay' to all of you. Since I was away for few years, now I will be giving you some cute photos of the baby and also photos of my own baby as well. I am proud to share to you guys my new angel. He is my second baby. Just sit back and relax while browsing my blogs.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vote for Mikael in the HappyMumDays.com Baby Competition

Vote for Mikael in the HappyMumDays.com Baby Competition
Please do support my baby Mikael. Vote him now! Thanks

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Twin Cute Babies Video

Such a cute one, they made me smile

So cute little ones

Love them both, so adorable twin babies

Love to see this two babies, like to hug them both

They have their own talk, wonderful to look at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Top Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Top Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

* A bedtime routine
* Put baby in bed while awake
* Rock your baby's bed
* A lot of eating in the evening
* Stuffed animal or blanket that smells MOM
* A light cotton cloth over the eyes
* Slowly shorten nighttime feeding length
* Introduce a pacifier
* A sleep bag

1. A bedtime routine

This may seem as a laugh when your child is newborn. And it is. But at around two months according to my experience, it is possible to get into a routine that makes your baby want to goto sleep at around the same time every night.
Depending on how much time you want to allocate to this, you could give your baby a bath and a massage or both before putting him to bed. Or you can sing lullaby or read a story.
With three kids to put to bed, my routine for our baby was merely to wash him (no bath), put on a new diaper and a pyjamas, put the lights out and put him to bed with his stuffed animal and pacifier. I swaddled his lower body and one arm untli he was a few months old. I might have to go in and give him his pacifier a few times before he falls asleep, but that I can handle while helping my other kids to get ready for bed.

You need to introduce a morning routine too, getting up at about the same time every day, to make this work smoothly.
Do you think your baby wakes up too early in the morning? Here's some advice.

Other than having some free time in the evening, there is another great advantage with having your child falling asleep in his bed - he will not become terrified waking up in the middle ofthe night! If your baby always falls asleep in your arms, he will start believing that this is his bed, everything else must be terribly wrong.

Would you go back to sleep if you found yourself on the floor instead of in your bed waking up in the middle of the night? Probably not. The same thing goes for a baby.

Travel Advices (Babies and Toddlers)

Travel Tips:

This travel advice was collected from the list. It's about travel with a variety of different aged babies and toddlers. There are tips for flying, driving, and camping. In each tip, the person speaking is the person who originally posted it. The speaker changes from tip to tip. The tips are listed in random order.

* I've rented car seats from car rental places and from rental places that rent baby equipment such as cribs, strollers, etc. Both are very easy to do but in my experience the baby rental places had better car seats. Another mom on the list also said that the car seat they rented from the car rental place this week is a really cheap one and she's not thrilled with it.

* My baby has been on 11 plane rides in 14 months. Small, interesting toys also get dropped a lot so keep that in mind. I've had better luck with interactive books such as the Touch and Feel books. At this age, I bet crayons or Baby Magna Doodle would be very good too. But honestly my baby's favorite in-flight entertainments are looking at the safety information card, flipping pages and eventually ripping apart the in-flight magazine, playing with his seat belt, the window screen thingy, the plane phone on the seat in front of him and to look between the seats at the people behind us.

* Bring a backpack diaper bag if you have one to have your hands free.

* On international flights, for some weird reason, you may NOT get your stroller at the door of the plane when you get off, even if you brought it to the door of the plane when you got on. It will be where the of the luggage comes, and you might have to wait for it. Stupid. So if you are travelling alone (which I don't think you are) be prepared to carry both baby and diaper/stuff bag for quite a distance... I couldn't, luckily someone helped me. In that case you might want to travel light. BUT it is great not to have to, to have plenty of 'stuff'; change of clothes (or two) for baby, change for you, toys, food, blanket, sweater, WATER for you (I didn't have this), cup for baby (bowl/spoon if you want), maybe snacks (there is usually enough food but I often crave fresh food, i.e. fruit when travelling). Depending on your comfort level you might want to bring a blanket big enough to cover yourself when nursing (mine wasn't really big enough and also my baby kept pulling it off). Easy change outfits for baby and easy nurse outfit for you of course.... Tylenol in case he has trouble with his ears when landing/ taking off. (I don't think my baby did, maybe only once).

How to Calm a Baby (Tips)

Checklist of what makes babies cry, and how to fix it:

* Baby is wet -- change diaper.
* Baby is hungry -- feed baby.
* Baby is hungry, but is too upset to nurse.
1. Something else is wrong. Fix that first, then try nursing again.
2. Put your small index finger in the baby's mouth, palm side up. Make sure your nail is trimmed short. It helps to wet the finger first. Rub the tip of your finger in the hollow in the top of the baby's mouth and your finger against baby's upper and lower lip. Once baby is calm, transfer to a real nipple. This is also a great way to temporarily placate a baby when food isn't available.
3. While you are trying to get the baby to latch on, put the palm of your hand on the baby's cheek.
4. While you are trying to get the baby to latch on, blow gently on the baby's face. This works really well on Hal -- he gets upset and hot and red from crying, and the hot face seems to keep him upset. He cools down when you blow gently on his face, and calms down enough to latch.
5. Let the baby grip the fingers of one hand (one of your fingers per baby hand). Your hands can't be wet or cold or this won't work.

* Baby is cold (or part of baby is cold) -- blanket, hold next to your skin.
* Baby is hot - cool off room.
* Baby's folds are itchy (red, irritated) -- wash them out.
* Baby's clothes are itchy/uncomfortable -- change the clothes.
* Baby is damp and clammy -- baby powder (Hal's big on this one).
* Baby is tired -- hold next to skin, and rock, sing to sleep. Or nurse to sleep. Or hold baby so that her head is on your throat and hum softly. Going "hmmmmm" for a few seconds with every breath works best for us, but some people can count slowly (works better if your voice is deep) or do other rhythmic voice things.

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