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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Funny Babies Videos

Charlie don't bite my finger....ouchhhhhhh

Monday, July 6, 2009

Soothing a Crying Baby

Every mom has been there: Your baby is crying, you have no clue how to soothe her, and you'd give anything to have someone tell you how to stop it. As frustrating as crying is, simply understanding why babies do it can take some of the stress out of the situation. And fortunately, there are several things you can do to calm you baby - and make both of you feel better.

Why babies cry

Babies can't tell us "I'm hungry," "I'd like to get out of this car seat," or "This itchy tag is driving me crazy!" So instead, they cry. It's their way of saying "Mom, I need you!" What should you do if all of your baby's needs have been met (he's rested, fed, has a clean diaper) and he's still crying? Don't assume the worst.

All infants have period of fussiness during their first few months, perhaps because they have an immature neurological system. And some babies are just more sensitive - noises, smells, even certain sensations can upset them. Most newborns cry for an average of three hours a day, peaking at around 6 weeks. The good news: By 3 months, most babies' crying will subside to about one hour a day.

Why you're not a bad mom

When a baby cries, it triggers the release of the hormone prolactin (dubbed "the mothering hormone") in moms, which creates an urge to pick up the baby and meet her needs. You're hardwired to soothe your baby, and when that doesn't happen, it can make you feel like a failure. But your baby's fussiness is not a reflection on your parenting skills - and it's completely normal for a baby to cry even when there doesn't seem to be a direct cause. If you're ever in doubt, however, don't hesitate to call your pediatrician to make sure there isn't an underlying problem.

Simple soothing strategies

Not every strategy will work for every baby, and some techniques may only work at certain times, depending on your baby's mood. The key is to experiment; over time, you'll figure out what's best for your baby, and when.

Re-create the womb.Your infant may be fussy because he misses his first "home," so simulating the amniotic environment can calm him. Try these techniques, together or separately:

  • Swaddle him snugly in a blanket with his arms down.
  • Hold him while he's on his side or stomach rather than his back.
  • Make shushing sounds, or create other white noise by running a hair dryer or fan (the inside of the womb sounds like a constant pulsing whoosh).
  • Jiggle him gently (the rhythmic swaying resembles the movement of the womb).
  • Give him something to suck on - either a pacifier or a finger.
Use your hands. Touch stimulates receptors in the brain that calm your baby, and research shows that long, smooth strokes tend to work better than short, brisk ones. Try caressing your infant's cheek, back, legs, or stomach. Or keep your baby close by wearing her in a front carrier. You don't have to spend all day toting her around, but the more you touch her (giving her a mini-massage during a diaper change, for instance), the happier she'll be.

Talk. The familiar tone of Mom's voice is one of the most effective soothers for babies, according to research. So keep the chatter going - but speak quietly so your baby isn't overwhelmed.

Release your inner pop star. Singing can also be calming. Don't worry if your voice doesn't sound like Norah Jones's. To your baby, you're the ultimate star. Sing calm, slow songs, such as lullabies - the body responds to music by adapting heart and respiratory rates to the tempo.

Take a drive. Driving around the block combines steady motion and white noise. If driving isn't convenient, try a vibrating bouncy seat or swing, which also have the white-noise/movement combo.

Get wet. Many moms swear by baths to calm their babies. The sound of the running water and the warmth on the skin can do wonders for a crying baby. You can get into the tub, too, to add soothing skin-to-skin contact.

Distract him. Introduce a new toy or shift his attention to the family pet or a mirror (so he can gaze at himself). He may well forget all about his cranky mood.

Keep your cool. If you get frustrated, your infant will pick up on that tension and react, and this pattern can become a cycle that's hard to break. Trying too hard to calm your baby can also backfire - some simply don't like to be handled as much as others. While you shouldn't let infants under 3 months cry it out, it's okay to let them fuss for five minutes. This will give yours the opportunity to start to figure out how to soothe himself (and it may give you a chance to regroup, too).

Keep doing what works. When you find a strategy that soothes your baby, stick to it. Trying something different every five minutes can be overstimulating. Limit yourself to two or three methods that seem to work - if one fails in one instance, try the other, instead of introducing several new techniques. You almost always get results after a day or two if you stick to a consistent pattern.

The best baby holds

Carrying your baby helps her feel safe and comforted. A few tried-and-true methods:

The cradle-carry: With both elbows bent about 45 degrees, rest your baby's head in the crook of one arm, supporting her with both of your forearms along the length of her back. Rock or bounce her gently while patting her bottom. She may find this position especially soothing, since she can see your face.

The sit-and-rock cradle: This a great way to let your baby see her world and distract her when she's fussy. While standing, hold her against your chest, facing away from you. Place one hand under her bottom to create a "seat" and wrap the other arm around her chest (and under her arms) for support. Sway from side to side or walk around to find a view she likes.

The football hold: Because this method puts pressure on your baby's tummy, it can help relieve gassiness. Place your baby facedown along one forearm, using the crook of your arm to support her neck. Place your other arm between her legs to support her lower body. Once you get the hang of it, you can even use one hand to prepare a bottle.

The over-the-shoulder hold: Like the football hold, this one's good for gassiness. Hold your baby's stomach against your shoulder and let her head and neck drape over it. Support her head with your hand until she's able to control it herself.

The heart-to-heart: In this position, your baby will feel extra close to you as she gets in tune with your rhythms. Hold your baby vertically, with her head resting on your chest, near your heart. Sway from side to side.

Decoding the wails

It's not easy to figure out what your baby's various cries mean. But keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Newborns have a very distinct, high-pitched wail - and contrary to what you may think, this often doesn't indicate pain. They simply take in short, rapid breaths and let out a short crying sound each time they exhale. Older babies begin to breathe in deeper when crying, so each cry is longer.
  • When he's hungry, a baby will quietly fuss and squirm. If he isn't fed, the cry will escalate. (Unless he's a newborn, and then the big wails are likely to start right away.)
  • If he's in pain - from gas, teething, or illness - your baby will probably have a piercing cry and a pained look on his face. He'll also be especially difficult to console.

3 strategies to avoid

Popping in a pacifier right away. Yes, it might quiet her, but you won't get to figure out what's really wrong.

Rushing to feed. If you stick a bottle or your breast in your baby's mouth every time she cries and before you're sure she's hungry, you could be showing her that eating is a way to comfort herself. And that can eventually lead to overeating.

Trying too many different ways of soothing at once. It takes a while for soothing techniques to work. If you quickly change positions, or swaddle and then unswaddle immediately, your baby will probably become more agitated.

Baby massage

The warm touch of your hands can console your baby instantly. In a warm, quiet room, undress him except for his diaper and put him on a comfortable surface (a bed, couch, your lap). Use baby oil or a moisturizing lotion.

Apply gentle yet firm pressure with each stroke. Be aware of your baby's cues: If he wriggles or fusses, stop and try again another time. You can do this entire sequence or just the parts your baby likes. Begin with your baby on his back:

1. Using your open hands, stroke both sides of the face, from the forehead to the neck and back up again.
2. Using a circular motion, stroke over the temples and the hinge of the jaw.
3. Lightly massage behind the ears and continue the circular movements over the rest of the scalp, avoiding the soft spot on the top.

1. Wrap both hands around the baby's upper arm and stroke down from the shoulder to the wrist, using a gentle, milking motion.
2. Stroke the palms of the hand with your thumbs.
3. Gently squeeze and then pull each finger.

Starting with your hands flat on the baby's chest, stroke up toward the neck, and then downward to his sides.

Using a hand-over-hand motion (like a paddle wheel), stroke him moving from high to low on the abdomen.

Wrap both hands around your baby's upper thigh, and stroke down toward the ankle and back up to the hip.

1. Use a thumb-over-thumb motion to massage the entire bottom of the foot.
2. Gently squeeze and then pull each toe.
3. Make small circles all over the top of the ankle and foot.

Now turn your baby facedown:

1. Stroke, in a hand-over-hand motion, from the upper back to the buttocks, with the flats of your hands contoured to the shape of his back.
2. Using your fingertips, massage the long muscles next to your baby's spine with circular motions from his head to his buttocks. (Don't rub directly over the spine.) Continue massaging down his legs to his feet.

Finish by lightly massaging your baby's neck and shoulders.

Lovely New Born Twins: Photos

1 day old identical twins, Caleb and Nathan.

Sounds tired...little angels.

17 day old twins, Trace and Jack.

I'm scared....mommy

4 week old identical twins, Caleb and Nathan.

9 day old fraternal twins, Ashton and Trenton.

1 day old fraternal twins, Ryan Bailey and Connor Johannes.

Mommy im here...

5 day old fraternal twins, Justin Tyler and Olivia Paige.

5 day old fraternal twins, Blake & Brooke.

1 hour old identical twins, Gavin and Graham.

10 hour old fraternal twins, Logan Joseph and Kassidy Evelyn.

Natalie and Isabelle, 4 hours old.

6 hour old fraternal twins, Sofia and Mia.

Infant fraternal twins, Zachary & Isabel.

"Just 1 day old! Born at 36 weeks at 4 lbs, 15 oz, and 5 lbs, 0 oz. We were in the hospital 5 days due to problems with apnea (forgetting to breathe) and with maintaining temperature. They were on apnea monitors their first 3-4 weeks home. "

9 day old fraternal twins, Dylan and Andrew.

18 day old fraternal twins, Jarmell Jr. and Ja'Nya.

See more new born twins photos here:

They are all lovely, isn't it?

Infant bathing tips

A newborn baby requires a special way of bathing especially if they still have the umbilical cord, a few simple steps is all you need to know to propery bathe a newborn.

As a new parent it can sometimes be intimidating to give your baby his or her first bath. If the baby still has the umbilical cord attached there are some steps that should be taken in order to care for the delicate cord.

Your newborn's first few baths will take place without being submerged in water. This is important so as not to get the belly button area where the umbilical cord is still attached wet. To prevent infection from taking place it is recommended that you clean the surface area around the cord with an alcohol soaked swab. This helps dry up the base of the cord and clean the surrounding area.

Until the cord is gone, usually about two weeks, you must give the baby a bath using a soft washcloth and a mild baby soap. It is important to make sure you get in all the little cracks, folds, and wrinkles where it is common to find the most residue. Under the neck is most likely the dirtiest area and should be payed close attention to.

After the initial two weeks are over and the umbilical cord has fallen off it is time to give baby a bath submerged in water. Some people find that using their sink works fine but for the sake of safety a baby bathtub with a rubber backing is recommended. First test your water temperature for a luke warm feel. Remember baby's skin is much more delicate than an adults so it will feel a bit cooler than you would anticipate. Fill the baby tub with water and baby soap. It does not need to be full, just enough to cover the bottom of baby so you can wash with a cloth. Be careful with your newborn as you will soon find out how slippery he or she can be.

After the washing is done and you have washed the head and hair being very careful to avoid the soft spot, have a towel ready to wrap the newborn in. It is best to have a helper at this point. You can gently pat the baby dry with the towel. This is a good time to apply a baby lotion and or powder. This prevents chapped and dry skin as well as making your baby smell clean and fresh.

Once these steps are mastered, before you know it the time will come when baby can take a bath with you or sit nicely in a tub ring. Remember, it is not important to bathe your newborn everyday, they are not that dirty and it risks giving them dry skin. Before long you will wonder why you were ever intimidated with bathing your baby.

How to prepare for bringing home a second baby

You are now becoming a mom for the second time, this might be a little scary because you are now remembering the lack of sleep. Plus you have an older child to take care of too. How do you prepare you , your husband and the first child for the newborn? Your family life will change considerably in the gap between the first and second child and the sooner you recognize that fact the easier it is for you.

More Responsibilities
With two kids comes more responsibilities, especially if the first child is still very young. Managing two children can be a rigorous task no matter how good you are with kids. Dealing with a second child is generally more demanding that dealing with your first, because with the first it was just want child. Your attention, time, energy were only focus on one person, now it is two.

So make sure you are ready for fluctuating eating and sleeping routines at least for the first eight weeks after your babys birth.

Taking care of "you"
You need all your energy, because after giving birth you become exhausted, especially if you have had a cesarean delivery or a traumatic childbirth. If in th efirst few weeks when you are at home, during the day try to get the baby on a schedule to take naps. Take naps with the baby, and if the second child is there too consider making that child take naps as well. There are nap times when you will be up, so during that time do your little chores, and also relax and take care of yourself.

Dealing with First Child
The arrival of a new baby is a big change for the first chil, which might deals the child experiencing plethora of emotions during this time. You have to pay close attention to the first child expecially if he/she is still young, look out for changes , such as withdrawal, not wanting to potty train or the child might start sucking his/her thumb. You now have to share your attention and assure the first child that mommy loves him/her.

Daddy also need to play an important role and share the responsibilities with mommy to care for both children. When mommy is tending to newborn , daddy is tending to first born and vica versa

When the first born is a little older there tends to be more trouble, as he/she is an attention seeker. Prepare yourself for intense sessions of mischief, unusual tantrums. You prevent this behavior talk to the child before the birth of his sibling. Also let the child help with the newborn, this help to create a sense of "belonging". Let the first child play and hold the baby , spend time with him/her, cuddle and in general fall in love with the little one. All this will help him/her get used to the new member in the family.
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How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby
When you give birth to your baby, the job of becoming a mom begins. Some newbie mothers are extremely scared to bathe their babies at first, as the task is not that easy. It takes skills and patience, but eventually it comes naturally.

Below are few steps to help you to give your baby a perfect warm and relaxing bathe.

Arrange all items
Arrange all the accessories, such as towel, wash cloth, changing mat, diapers, clean clothes, bath sponge, for the bath.

Right temperature
Determining the temperature of the water is very important, it cannot be too cold or too hot it has to be "just right". To make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough for the baby, you need to fill the tub with cold water, and then mix with hot water.

To test the water dip your elbow in the water, as the elbow-skin is quite sensitive.

Prepare baby
Undress the baby and wrap baby in a soft towel, then place baby bath sponge (this is one of the safe way to bathe the baby, so he/she does not slip from your hand). Try the bath sponge until you are comfortable enough to hold the baby in your hands.

Bathing Baby
Start running water with your hand gently over the baby’s head. In the first few weeks try to avoid shampooing the baby hair, as the chemical of shampoo might damage the baby scalp.

If have place the baby on the bath sponge just continue to put the water over the baby's body. The sponge will absorb the water, so do worry about any mess.

If you are not using a bath sponge, then lower the baby with care into the water by putting his/her neck in your elbows crook and your hand while holding one of his/her legs back.

Next continue scooping up water with you hand and sprinkle it on your baby's body. Do not run the baby's body as this is not necessary at this age, as newborn baby does not accumulate that much dirt.

Try to avoid long bathe as the baby might catch a cold. Pat and dry the baby with a clean cotton towel, then lotion baby with baby oil mix with lotion. Next dress your baby in comfortable clothing.

How to prevent ear infection in infant/toddlers

Ear infections are one of the most worrisome illnesses for both parents and children.Most kids have at least one middle ear infection before they are 2 years old. Below are steps to avoid and prevent your infant or toddler to get an ear infection.
Difficulty: Moderate
*Cigarette Smoke* Kids should avoid going into areas where people are smoking. Cigarette smoking will cause the Eustachian tubes to stop working effectively. * Avoid catching cold Kids should stay away from persons who have the cold or flu. Make sure their hands are properly wash on a regular basic, before eating. Also kids should avoid rubbing their eyes and noses
Step2 * Breastfeeding* Breastfeeding helps to the lower the chance of an infant getting ear infections * Breastfeed or feed infants/toddlers in upright position Feeding in the correct position is very important, as the fluid will not drain to Eustachian tube and cause the infant to have an ear infection. Also ways feed in an upright position
*Daycare* If your child is in daycare, then it is a strong possibility that he/she has constant cold and flu, which sometimes leads to ear infection. Since most daycare can be crowed, which can lead to a greater risk of your child catching cold and flu, try to move your child to a less crowed daycare if possible.
*Build Immune System* Give your child enough fruits and vegetables to help build their immune system. Give the daily vitamins and occasionally a dose of cod liver oil, to cleanse the system. Orange juice is a good source for vitamin C to help fight cold and flu. Giving Echinacea which comes in the form of children chewable and drops, can also help boosts the immune system.
Tips & Warnings
*Make sure to always let your child wash their hands before they eat
*Give child fruits and vegetables to help boosts their immune system
*Avoid smoking areas
*Avoid crowed daycare

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

12 Most Creative Nursery Themes For a Boy, a Girl, Or Twins

There are many great reasons for creating a gender-neutral nursery for your new baby. Whether it is because you're waiting to find out your baby's gender, you want a theme that can suit whatever other children come along, you're having twins, or if you're just not into the "baby boy" or "baby girl" themes, here are some great ways to create fun nurseries that work perfectly for a boy, or a girl.


Striped nurseries are very modern and can be suited with a great selection of colors to welcome a little boy or a little girl. Some great color themes include turquoise, brown and white; white, red, and taupe, or yellow, grey, and white.


A jungle themed nursery is very fun to create. Think rainforest! Bright colors, trees, and exotic animals like toucans, monkeys, and tigers. Whether you buy pictures for the walls, or paint the animals directly onto the walls, it is sure to be quite the sight.

Black and White

Simple and stunning, black and white nurseries are very easy to create. Whether you use stripes, patchwork, or just a combination of black furniture and white furniture, your black and white nursery will be beautiful.

Teddy Bears

So classic, and traditional, a nursery filled with welcoming teddy bears is perfect for any baby. You can include teddy bear pictures, teddy bear blankets, and an array of bears that are small and large placed throughout the room.


Creating a star-themed nursery can be very versatile. Whether you choose to go for the modern-looking 3-D tin stars, classic yellow stars, or white stars, you can find star-shaped lighting, star-studded bedding, and great wall decorations to be sure your child will grow up...a star!


Whether you choose the true American red, white and blue, patriotic theme, or your native land's flag and colors, creating a patriotic-themed nursery allows your little one to grow up with a full sense of heritage and patriotism.


You could also do a slight variation of patriotic and go for a 'world traveler' theme, with d├ęcor such as maps, globes, and pictures of landmarks from throughout the world


Another fun variation of the classic stripes, circles are becoming a nursery hit. You may consider a circle crib, circle decorations, or colored circles painted on the wall, along with a bold circle area rug, this nursery variation is sure to be a hit.

Under the Sea

Another nursery that includes lots of bright colors! Create an underwater themed atmosphere in your nursery, and fill it with tropical fish, seaweed, starfish, and soothing ocean blue.


Imagine a nursery complete with an easel, crayons, pallets, and great works of art. Whether it's modern bright-colored art, or Picassos and Monets, your artistic-themed nursery is sure to inspire an artistic little one.


Inspire a little mathematician by creating a nursery full of numbers. Maybe include an abacus, numbers on the walls, and numbered bedding.


A slight variation to the Numbers theme, an ABC theme is sure to inspire a new little writer. Complete with baby blocks, wooden letters painted on the walls, and famous literary works, you'll have lots of fun creating this nursery

Whatever theme you pick, your new baby's nursery is sure to be stunning and perfect for a little boy, a little girl, or twins for years to come!

Julie Hobby owns and operates PoshBabyCribs.com a website that provides nursery decor, baby cribs, and baby crib bedding. Check it out for great baby cribs, elegant baby bedding and more. Julie also maintains the blog PoshMamas.blogspot.com for new and expecting mothers.

Two headed babies: Photos

Two headed babies, is this really happening....? Take a look below pictures.

Baby Rebeca Martinez sleeps at the CARE clinic in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. (AP Photos/Walter Astrada)
A nurse holds an Egyptian baby named Manar Maged in a hospital in the city of Banha, 25 miles, north of Cairo Feb. 18, 2005. Egyptian doctors said they removed the second head from the girl, who was suffering from the rare birth defects in an operation on Saturday [19 Feb 2005]. (Photos: Reuters)

The boy, named Kiron and weighing 12 lbs 1 oz, was born by Cesarean section on [25 August 2008] at a clinic in Keshobpur, 85 miles from the capital, Dhaka.

Doctors check three girls [sic] born in San Juan, Argentina some 1,280 km (800 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina, by a 25-year old woman (who was not identified) giving triplets, one normal and two conjoined., Sunday, June 22, 2003. (AP Photo/Courtesy Diario de Cuyo)

More photos of two headed babies visit here: http://www.skewsme.com/twoheadedbaby.html

Filipino Celebrity Babies

Claudine Baretto with two kids (Santino and Sabina)

Kris Aquino and baby James Yap.

Jennylyn Mercado and Son

Mylene Dizon with her 2nd baby.

Beautiful Dawn Zulueta with his son Jacobo.

Camille Prats and Anthony with their cute baby boy Nathaniel Cesar

Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero and son.

Filipino Baby Names

=========== The Importance of Filipino First Names! ===========
We respond to our names throughout our lives. People associate us with our first name, it forms part of our identity. They help to distinguish us from one to another. Other people gain immediate and sometimes totally subconscious views of people, just from hearing a name they can therefore give us a distinct advantage in life, or conversely, a disadvantage! The choice of an Filipino Baby name is, therefore, incredibly important. And those of us who choose a baby's name are taking on a responsible task!

=========== The Origins of Filipino baby names ===========
The origins of this these include place names, those related to mythology and history, origins from colours, plants and other types of nature, Fictional origins, historical origins, characteristic and religious origins. We then move on to the genre which can be classed as Descriptive, Place, Speciality and finally unique (or created name's).

Authentic Filipino names declined due to the arrival of the Spanish, Mexicans of European, and Mestizo heritage together with an influx of Europeans such as the British, German and French due to the the opening of the Suez Canal in 1867.

=========== What Filipino baby name shall I give to my baby? ===========
Will the Filipino baby name suit my baby? Should it be traditional, unusual, unique, exotic, popular or cool? Will it be suitable throughout all life phases ( "A Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life!"). Will it be appropriate throughout a full life cycle starting with baby - toddler - school child - teenager - young adults - parents - middle age - retirement and ending with old age. Will it suit a pensioner as well as a baby? Will the schoolchild be teased mercilessly about a name? What will your baby think of your choice?

Check it out, list of filipino baby names:

Baby Girl --------------------Baby Boy

Amihan *************** Alejandro
Amalia *************** Agapito
Amelia *************** Aquino
Bituin *************** Andres
Chesa *************** Bayanai
Camille *************** Balagtas
Candida *************** Crisanto
Caresse *************** Carlo
Carmela *************** Dakila
Dalisay *************** Danilo
Divina *************** Datu
Diwata *************** Edgardo
Erlat *************** Gaane
Eugenio *************** Gabato
Estrellita *************** Hagibis
Eugenia *************** Hilario
Hilaria *************** Honorato
Honorata *************** Igme
Imee *************** Makisig
Ligaya *************** Rezalino
Liwanag *************** Rogelio
Lualhati *************** Renato
Mahal *************** Romeo
Malaya *************** Isagani
Malea *************** Manuel
Maleah *************** Marco
Sampaguita *************** Samuel
Tala *************** Mario

Celebrity twin babies

Ricky Martin with his twins....

Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, holding their twins.

Celebrity cute babies are here...

Align CenterCheck out these shots of some of the best celebrity baby photos! Are they cute same as their parents? Well, let us see...

Angelina Jolie and children

Brad and Angeline with their kids

Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise

Suri and Katie Holmes

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman with Max

Britney Spears and her son

Jessica Alba Honor Marie Warren

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt Suri Cruise


More celebrity cute babies photo visit here :


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