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Monday, July 6, 2009

How to prepare for bringing home a second baby

You are now becoming a mom for the second time, this might be a little scary because you are now remembering the lack of sleep. Plus you have an older child to take care of too. How do you prepare you , your husband and the first child for the newborn? Your family life will change considerably in the gap between the first and second child and the sooner you recognize that fact the easier it is for you.

More Responsibilities
With two kids comes more responsibilities, especially if the first child is still very young. Managing two children can be a rigorous task no matter how good you are with kids. Dealing with a second child is generally more demanding that dealing with your first, because with the first it was just want child. Your attention, time, energy were only focus on one person, now it is two.

So make sure you are ready for fluctuating eating and sleeping routines at least for the first eight weeks after your babys birth.

Taking care of "you"
You need all your energy, because after giving birth you become exhausted, especially if you have had a cesarean delivery or a traumatic childbirth. If in th efirst few weeks when you are at home, during the day try to get the baby on a schedule to take naps. Take naps with the baby, and if the second child is there too consider making that child take naps as well. There are nap times when you will be up, so during that time do your little chores, and also relax and take care of yourself.

Dealing with First Child
The arrival of a new baby is a big change for the first chil, which might deals the child experiencing plethora of emotions during this time. You have to pay close attention to the first child expecially if he/she is still young, look out for changes , such as withdrawal, not wanting to potty train or the child might start sucking his/her thumb. You now have to share your attention and assure the first child that mommy loves him/her.

Daddy also need to play an important role and share the responsibilities with mommy to care for both children. When mommy is tending to newborn , daddy is tending to first born and vica versa

When the first born is a little older there tends to be more trouble, as he/she is an attention seeker. Prepare yourself for intense sessions of mischief, unusual tantrums. You prevent this behavior talk to the child before the birth of his sibling. Also let the child help with the newborn, this help to create a sense of "belonging". Let the first child play and hold the baby , spend time with him/her, cuddle and in general fall in love with the little one. All this will help him/her get used to the new member in the family.
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How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby
When you give birth to your baby, the job of becoming a mom begins. Some newbie mothers are extremely scared to bathe their babies at first, as the task is not that easy. It takes skills and patience, but eventually it comes naturally.

Below are few steps to help you to give your baby a perfect warm and relaxing bathe.

Arrange all items
Arrange all the accessories, such as towel, wash cloth, changing mat, diapers, clean clothes, bath sponge, for the bath.

Right temperature
Determining the temperature of the water is very important, it cannot be too cold or too hot it has to be "just right". To make sure the temperature of the water is warm enough for the baby, you need to fill the tub with cold water, and then mix with hot water.

To test the water dip your elbow in the water, as the elbow-skin is quite sensitive.

Prepare baby
Undress the baby and wrap baby in a soft towel, then place baby bath sponge (this is one of the safe way to bathe the baby, so he/she does not slip from your hand). Try the bath sponge until you are comfortable enough to hold the baby in your hands.

Bathing Baby
Start running water with your hand gently over the baby’s head. In the first few weeks try to avoid shampooing the baby hair, as the chemical of shampoo might damage the baby scalp.

If have place the baby on the bath sponge just continue to put the water over the baby's body. The sponge will absorb the water, so do worry about any mess.

If you are not using a bath sponge, then lower the baby with care into the water by putting his/her neck in your elbows crook and your hand while holding one of his/her legs back.

Next continue scooping up water with you hand and sprinkle it on your baby's body. Do not run the baby's body as this is not necessary at this age, as newborn baby does not accumulate that much dirt.

Try to avoid long bathe as the baby might catch a cold. Pat and dry the baby with a clean cotton towel, then lotion baby with baby oil mix with lotion. Next dress your baby in comfortable clothing.

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