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Monday, July 6, 2009

Infant bathing tips

A newborn baby requires a special way of bathing especially if they still have the umbilical cord, a few simple steps is all you need to know to propery bathe a newborn.

As a new parent it can sometimes be intimidating to give your baby his or her first bath. If the baby still has the umbilical cord attached there are some steps that should be taken in order to care for the delicate cord.

Your newborn's first few baths will take place without being submerged in water. This is important so as not to get the belly button area where the umbilical cord is still attached wet. To prevent infection from taking place it is recommended that you clean the surface area around the cord with an alcohol soaked swab. This helps dry up the base of the cord and clean the surrounding area.

Until the cord is gone, usually about two weeks, you must give the baby a bath using a soft washcloth and a mild baby soap. It is important to make sure you get in all the little cracks, folds, and wrinkles where it is common to find the most residue. Under the neck is most likely the dirtiest area and should be payed close attention to.

After the initial two weeks are over and the umbilical cord has fallen off it is time to give baby a bath submerged in water. Some people find that using their sink works fine but for the sake of safety a baby bathtub with a rubber backing is recommended. First test your water temperature for a luke warm feel. Remember baby's skin is much more delicate than an adults so it will feel a bit cooler than you would anticipate. Fill the baby tub with water and baby soap. It does not need to be full, just enough to cover the bottom of baby so you can wash with a cloth. Be careful with your newborn as you will soon find out how slippery he or she can be.

After the washing is done and you have washed the head and hair being very careful to avoid the soft spot, have a towel ready to wrap the newborn in. It is best to have a helper at this point. You can gently pat the baby dry with the towel. This is a good time to apply a baby lotion and or powder. This prevents chapped and dry skin as well as making your baby smell clean and fresh.

Once these steps are mastered, before you know it the time will come when baby can take a bath with you or sit nicely in a tub ring. Remember, it is not important to bathe your newborn everyday, they are not that dirty and it risks giving them dry skin. Before long you will wonder why you were ever intimidated with bathing your baby.

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