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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

12 Most Creative Nursery Themes For a Boy, a Girl, Or Twins

There are many great reasons for creating a gender-neutral nursery for your new baby. Whether it is because you're waiting to find out your baby's gender, you want a theme that can suit whatever other children come along, you're having twins, or if you're just not into the "baby boy" or "baby girl" themes, here are some great ways to create fun nurseries that work perfectly for a boy, or a girl.


Striped nurseries are very modern and can be suited with a great selection of colors to welcome a little boy or a little girl. Some great color themes include turquoise, brown and white; white, red, and taupe, or yellow, grey, and white.


A jungle themed nursery is very fun to create. Think rainforest! Bright colors, trees, and exotic animals like toucans, monkeys, and tigers. Whether you buy pictures for the walls, or paint the animals directly onto the walls, it is sure to be quite the sight.

Black and White

Simple and stunning, black and white nurseries are very easy to create. Whether you use stripes, patchwork, or just a combination of black furniture and white furniture, your black and white nursery will be beautiful.

Teddy Bears

So classic, and traditional, a nursery filled with welcoming teddy bears is perfect for any baby. You can include teddy bear pictures, teddy bear blankets, and an array of bears that are small and large placed throughout the room.


Creating a star-themed nursery can be very versatile. Whether you choose to go for the modern-looking 3-D tin stars, classic yellow stars, or white stars, you can find star-shaped lighting, star-studded bedding, and great wall decorations to be sure your child will grow up...a star!


Whether you choose the true American red, white and blue, patriotic theme, or your native land's flag and colors, creating a patriotic-themed nursery allows your little one to grow up with a full sense of heritage and patriotism.


You could also do a slight variation of patriotic and go for a 'world traveler' theme, with d├ęcor such as maps, globes, and pictures of landmarks from throughout the world


Another fun variation of the classic stripes, circles are becoming a nursery hit. You may consider a circle crib, circle decorations, or colored circles painted on the wall, along with a bold circle area rug, this nursery variation is sure to be a hit.

Under the Sea

Another nursery that includes lots of bright colors! Create an underwater themed atmosphere in your nursery, and fill it with tropical fish, seaweed, starfish, and soothing ocean blue.


Imagine a nursery complete with an easel, crayons, pallets, and great works of art. Whether it's modern bright-colored art, or Picassos and Monets, your artistic-themed nursery is sure to inspire an artistic little one.


Inspire a little mathematician by creating a nursery full of numbers. Maybe include an abacus, numbers on the walls, and numbered bedding.


A slight variation to the Numbers theme, an ABC theme is sure to inspire a new little writer. Complete with baby blocks, wooden letters painted on the walls, and famous literary works, you'll have lots of fun creating this nursery

Whatever theme you pick, your new baby's nursery is sure to be stunning and perfect for a little boy, a little girl, or twins for years to come!

Julie Hobby owns and operates PoshBabyCribs.com a website that provides nursery decor, baby cribs, and baby crib bedding. Check it out for great baby cribs, elegant baby bedding and more. Julie also maintains the blog PoshMamas.blogspot.com for new and expecting mothers.

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