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Monday, July 6, 2009

Lovely New Born Twins: Photos

1 day old identical twins, Caleb and Nathan.

Sounds tired...little angels.

17 day old twins, Trace and Jack.

I'm scared....mommy

4 week old identical twins, Caleb and Nathan.

9 day old fraternal twins, Ashton and Trenton.

1 day old fraternal twins, Ryan Bailey and Connor Johannes.

Mommy im here...

5 day old fraternal twins, Justin Tyler and Olivia Paige.

5 day old fraternal twins, Blake & Brooke.

1 hour old identical twins, Gavin and Graham.

10 hour old fraternal twins, Logan Joseph and Kassidy Evelyn.

Natalie and Isabelle, 4 hours old.

6 hour old fraternal twins, Sofia and Mia.

Infant fraternal twins, Zachary & Isabel.

"Just 1 day old! Born at 36 weeks at 4 lbs, 15 oz, and 5 lbs, 0 oz. We were in the hospital 5 days due to problems with apnea (forgetting to breathe) and with maintaining temperature. They were on apnea monitors their first 3-4 weeks home. "

9 day old fraternal twins, Dylan and Andrew.

18 day old fraternal twins, Jarmell Jr. and Ja'Nya.

See more new born twins photos here:

They are all lovely, isn't it?


whibley said...

kyaa..very2 cute..I love seeing twins and wish to have one..but then I have to get married with someone who has twins heritage..haha..loves the images..

Embanun said...

nice pick,
nice baby,

Lidia Inda said...

Interesting.....cute little baby......ohhhh...give my $mile to all the little baby in here...$mile...I'll be back $oon....have a nice day

Ellie Great said...

Great pictures cute babies.

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